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Performance Advantage:

As moisture wicking technology becomes standard in today's performance apparel, studies indicate the next performance gains for athletes will be in the area of compression apparel. Sports medicine research has proven the use of compressive fabrics help stabilize joint movement, reduce muscle vibration, improve circulation and increase proprioception or joint position feedback.When less energy goes toward muscle vibration and lateral movement, more energy is made available for performance, resulting in a more energy efficient athlete. Peak performance is about one’s management of energy.

Barriers with Compression Apparel:

    Compression apparel's greatest asset however, is also its greatest liability. Increasing a fabric's strength and compression usually means increasing its overall weight and thickness. This often results in bulky over-insulated clothing. The athlete typically gains from the compression, but ultimately loses energy from overheating and impeded movement.

Power Skin Solution:
    Our team of designers were able to break this performance barrier by using an extremely durable micromesh. Our exclusive design gave us the high compression, while in fact, decreasing its overall weight. Less material draping the body means less moisture saturation, thus greater breathability. Our material is among the lightest, most breathable and offers the highest compression on the market today. Power Skin is in the business of designing and developing performance underwear. We believe in empowering the athlete through innovative design and technology.

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