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Energy Apparel

  From the start, our philosophy was to listen to the athlete. Our research showed the major factors that depleted an athlete’s performance was fatigue from muscle vibration and fatigue from inefficient thermo-regulation (energy lost staying warm/trying to cool off). We developed our product line around these two performance barriers.

  Power Skin™ base-layers were specifically designed to reduce fatigue by using an extremely high compression fabric. This high supportive material prevents unnecessary vibration on the muscles. * A micromesh was utilized to allow better thermo-regulation. Our extremely breathable micromesh will keep you warm and yet allow you to perspire efficiently. Energy within the body can be managed with the help of performance apparel. Peak performance is about one's management of energy.

* A 5 year study conducted by Penn State’s Center for Sports Medicine and Dupont showed a direct correlation between wearing compressive sports apparel and an athlete's performance. The study proved to show performance improvements by reducing muscle fatigue and increasing efficiency and accuracy of movement.




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