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  Running is an essential component in most sports. However, Each time you run, your legs undergo considerable shock. The actual shock associated with the initial foot strike can be up to three times your body weight.*

   A quick calculation will show that a 150 lb runner can experience up to 450 lbs of force on each limb. * All this impact is transmitted upwards toward the leg causing strain on muscles, joints and ligaments. It is important to protect the legs from such stresses.


*  Leg Power: (2 Variable regression)   p = -666.3+14.74 [Mass (kg)] +1925.72 [Height (m)]; [R-square = 0.69, p < 0.05]

  *   Power values were calculated from the force versus time data obtained from a force platform. A regression equation was obtained to predict the power values using the weight of an individual and th jump and reach  height as independent variables.




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